Parking Beyond Borders

Feasibilty Studies, Financial Analysis, Projections and Reality Checks



Who will park in the car park, why and for how long? How big should the car park be? Will it pay for itself? How many hours will it operate for each day? How many cars will park there and for how long will they stay? How much will they pay for parking – hourly, daily or season? How long will it take to build up a stable usage level? Could it be developed in more stages? How much will it cost to build, to operate a dedicated car park? What quality standards does it need to meet? How will parkers get in/out of the car park? PRANA CONSULT is experienced to create a dedicated solution fitting to investment budget and operational cost-benefit revenues.


Key assumptions based on realistic models are critical to any financial analysis of a car park project – planned or existing. PRANA CONSULT will provide a soundly based cash flow, and a profit & loss balance sheet. PRANA CONSULT in addition can provide sensitivity analyses and benchmark against similar cases as a “reality check”.







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