Parking Beyond Borders

We take a comprehensive approach to parking because this gives us a unique perspective. We use our extensive expertise in every stage of creating successful and viable parking solutions. From planning towards finance, from design towards operation, PRANA CONSULT has the working knowledge and understanding that enables you as our respected Client to develop parking solutions that bring long term value to your development, campus or community for investors, operators and consumers.


We know that when it comes to parking one size does not fit all. We carefully listen your needs and plan our solution to meet those specific needs. The end result is a safe, attractive, durable and functional “Mobility-hub”, fitting in its environment, that creates a positive experience for customers and operators.


We bring an intense focus to every project and a strong commitment to personal service. Our general management is directly involved in every project, ensuring that you get the attention and expertise you deserve. Regardless the size of the project, when you work with PRANA CONSULT you get the best effort and the best solution to your parking needs.


Clients include major car park operators, airports, hospitals, universities, government bodies, shopping centers and private developers and investors both in The Netherlands and around the world.

With unparalleled knowledge and expertise in the field of car park design and construction PRANA CONSULT has taken a lead by being a co-developer on an innovative new car park concept known as MPCFlexParking (see also ). The MPCFlexParking car park is a flexible, light-weight (fire-proof & strengthening coated aluminum flooring, columns and main girders), modular (free span 5,40 x 16,20 m), click & plug components multi-storey car park building system for (semi-)permanent use (rent or buy). The system is easy (de-)mountable, easy transportable (all components are 40” shipping container proof), no heavy cranes needed during construction, no piling foundation needed, small and clean building site, components 100% reusable/sustainable having integrated technical utilities.


Our approach, especially aimed at long term parking, includes considering Automated Car Parking Systems to ensure that our Clients get the optimum parking solution for their needs and best suited to the site.


Our car park designs are economic to construct & maintain and take account of all modern service requirements. We optimize the use of space and select the most effective systems for access, circulation and payment. We start the car park design process at the entrance and exit circuit following the road pattern most parking consumers expect to experience within a car park: the parking consumer is central, either as a car-driver or as a pedestrian.


Once regarded as dark and dreary, today’s modern car parks should be vibrant, flexible and to be integrated into the surrounding buildings or space creating “side street activity”, ambience and a feeling of security by incorporating restaurants, retail units, offices and leisure accommodation. We base our designs on the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) by introducing sustainable procedures and materials for construction, and in the meantime aiming for the highest parking quality for consumers.

Our management & our partners have been actively involved in the Dutch Parking Industry Association VEXPAN and Parking Network Netherlands PNNL. As a member of PRANA CONSULT ‘s daily practice our management is speaking regularly at national and international seminars on parking and related topics. Sharing and multiplying expertise we, in joint dedicated approach, advice on:

•Car park strategic and economic planning

•Prepare design and performance terms for car parks

•Appraise designs submitted for Design & Build tenders

•Act as assessors in competitions

•Act as Expert Witnesses in disputes

•Serve on Technical Committees and develop Design Standards


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