Parking Beyond Borders

PRANA CONSULT’ s management has a name which is over decades of years synonymous with providing quality in parking services creating tailor-made customized parking solutions.

Our management was awarded a Royal Honour decoration by the Dutch Queen for the (inter-)national merits to improve parking quality in public perspective and is Honorary Member of the Dutch Parking Industry Association Vexpan.

Our management was Chairman of the Dutch Parking Standards Committee NEN 2443:2000 and Member/Co-author of the latest renewed Dutch Parking Standards NEN 2443:2013. Besides our management was Co-author of the Dutch Car Park Designers Manual, and Co-compiler of the renewed European Standard Parking Award checklist of the European parking Association EPA.




We aim for the best input on each Client’s needs.

PRANA CONSULT puts you as the Client in the center of our consultancy services. Our MD, within the dedicated expertise team we bring in action, acts as a senior-consultant/project manager towards you as our distinguished Client.

The key expertise and experience qualifications of our MD,

ing. Lammert J.J. Prikken, are as follows:


  • Recognized as one of the Dutch parking industry’s most professional and innovative forces on parking solutions related to urban planning and real estate development projects;
  • Involved in feasibility studies, planning, design, construction and operational consultancy of hundreds of (price winning) parking structure projects world-wide
  • Expertise generated during decades of years not only in the fields of parking demand analysis, economic analysis for a feasible funding of parking facilities, conceptual planning & design, technical terms of reference, and construction project management, but also in the field of urban area and real estate development planning including on-street parking policy conditions to create budget feasible car parks;
  • Got many credits for his efforts to improve parking perception for consumers, such as:
  • Royal Honour becoming Knight in the Order of Orange-Nassau, awarded by the Dutch Queen due to (inter-)national parking and road safety merits for the benefit of public perspective and due to local governmental and political merits;
  • -Honorary Member of VEXPAN, the Dutch Parking Industry Platform;
  • -Chairman of the Dutch Parking Quality & Parking Standards Committee VEXPAN over 15 years;
  • -Member of the Dutch Parking Council of CROW, the Dutch Road Research institute over 5 years;
  • -Chairman Dutch Road Safety Association Veilig Verkeer Nederland Utrecht (VVN) over 12 years;
  • -Merit of Honour of the Dutch National Road Safety Association VVN
  • -Co-author Dutch Car Park Design Manual;
  • -Chairman Dutch National Parking Standards Committee NEN 2443:2000, as well as Member of the MPSC to compile NEN 2443:2013, the nowadays standards for car park design to be applied;
  • -Co-founder of MPCFlexParking, the most sustainable and flexible size-scalable lightweight modular parking structure for semi-permanent (rent) and permanent use (buy);
  • -Member Dutch National Governmental Steering Group on Autonomous Traffic Participation of Elder People and Disabled People with a Mobility Handicap; main-author of the Dutch Manual on the same;
  • -Expert on Traffic Circulation Concepts, Road Safety Impact Analysis and Road Design, co-founder of the highway and main-roads design implemented comfortable transition curve, called ‘Klotoid” ;
  • -City Councilor and Chairman Local Governmental Committee for Society Policy at the City of Zeist over 8 years
  • -Lecturer and key-note speaker at (inter-)national forums, seminars and courses


Working with many well established developers, architects, engineers and contractors we have maintained an international reputation for excellence in the design of hundreds of parking lots, multi-storey car parks and underground car parks (or combinations of the same) and the provision of all full-service parking consultancy commissions. Due to its high-end qualified expertise PRANA CONSULT has an enviable reputation of being one of Europe’s leading car park consultants and designers.

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