Parking Beyond Borders

As distinctive Parking Consultants and Car Park Designers we challenge ourselves to approach each project and Client as if it were our first. By acting as such, the PRANA CONSULT management and team members found their project involvement and third parties project development propositions exploring assistance in challenges all over the world, such as:


  • INDIA: Mumbai (Flora Fountain Square, Regal Cinema Junction, Mahatma Phule /Crawfort Market): underground car park design studies (capacity in total 1.350 pp)


  • BAHRAIN: Manama Airport, flexible expandable 3 level multi-storey car park study: pre-design (capacity 3.000 pp)


  • SAINT-MARTIN: (Dutch Caribbean Windward Island), Philipsburg (city-center): multi-storey car park pre-design (capacity 600 pp)


  • BELGIUM: Antwerp (Berchem Railway Station, Godefriduskaai), 2-level underground car parks (capacity 375 resp. 300 pp): feasibility, final design and construction


  • UK: London (Paddington Station Development Project), multi-storey car park (capacity 400 pp): pre-design


  • GERMANY: Bielefeld (Parkhaus Hauptbahnhof, capacity 900 pp): review parking quality existing car park, up-grading specs, terms of reference parking control system, selection of supplier and dedicated equipment


  • SURINAM: Paramaribo (Hotel Torarica): expandable multi-storey car park (capacity 200 pp),

MPCFlexParking exploring design and cost/benefit study


  • INDONESIA: Sukarno-Hatta Airport Jakarta, Terminal 2: flexible expandable parking deck (capacity 2.200 pp), pre-design


  • TURKEY: Istanbul (7* Ortaköy Hotel/Wellness and Spa/Conference Center Development Project immediately next to Bosporus): underground car park (3 levels, last level at 27 m under waterline Bosporus, entrance and exit ramp 16%) design review, routing optimization, entrance and exit final design


  • MOROCCO: Casablanca Airport, circular car park Terminal 1, redevelopment existing parking lot and design of parking deck (capacity 1.350 pp), pre-design


  • MOROCCO: Marrakech (Mariah Zarah Road, Place Al Koutoubia Mosk/Place Al Fna), real estate development project on combined 5 level multi-storey car park (350 pp), housing appartments and top-deck restaurant: conceptual design, feasibility study



Amongst these numerous projects in The Netherlands, such as:

  • At the City of Zeist (review on the newly constructed city hall car park, feasibility review underground car park at public transport hub & railway station/car park development project, 650 pp),
  • At the City of Baarn (up-grading and extension business park Noordschil, parking demand, parking lots design, traffic impact studies, 900 pp.),
  • Cities of Amsterdam, The Hague, Schiedam (parking demand, operational analysis, conceptual design end final design review cinema real estate development project),
  • City of The Hague (Noordeinde); technical feasibility study underground car park combined with housing appartments,
  • City of Arnhem (shopping center Kronenburg): review and up-grading scheme existing car park (1.600 pp.)
  • And more ……………

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